6 ways SMEs can benefit from converged telecoms

It’s no secret that in today’s challenging economy, small and medium sized enterprises face many unique challenges. Doing more with less is now the aim for anyone running a business, but especially for smaller businesses that need to focus on growth and agility.

It might be that many SME owners haven’t given much consideration to their telecommunications; all you need is a working phone, internet connection and a mobile, right? But when you really think about it, communication is at the heart of how we all do business. Whether it’s with client, customer or colleague, a streamlined and reliable telecoms system makes the business world go round.  

By unifying voice, data and mobile technology over one internet connection, converged telecoms solutions are perfect for any business that wants to streamline and simplify their telephone and data network.


With converged telecoms your business is not dependent on complex or outdated structures that require significant time and financial outlay to update as your business grows. That means that if you’re a business experiencing a surge in demand you can add extra services and solutions to help you manage expansion really easily.

During quieter periods you can scale back on services that you no longer have a use for. It’s a telecoms solution that moves with your business.


Threats to traditional connectivity; storms, floods or snow for example, are eliminated with IP based telecoms.  That’s because IP hosted communication services are not subject to the same physical issues as traditional phone lines. Here at Lake we use the Gamma IP network which is backed up by a Quality of Service agreement. That means you don’t have to worry about the continuity of your service and can focus on business activity.


Bringing your working practices in line with modern workplace expectations is a challenge for any business. With converged telecoms you can enable flexible working solutions – from home, hot-desking or running services to mobiles– thanks to an online hosted network.

A ‘one number anywhere’ approach means that you and your staff can be connected and contactable from pretty much anywhere.


By grouping all of your communications into one channel you eliminate the cost of managing separate networks. Additionally, call rates across converged telecoms solutions are lower. Site-to-site calls could actually be free of charge, even across international boundaries, so for smaller businesses that need to keep their costs down, a converged model is certainly one of the most economical ways of communicating.


Think of how you currently manage your telecoms solutions. You may well have different suppliers for broadband internet, your local telephone line, video conferencing, voice conferencing… the list could quite easily become endless.

With converged telecoms you are able to consolidate this supplier list. Not only will this eliminate costs but it simplifies your business life. Gone are the days of having to make 10 different phone calls to different vendors, you just have one point of contact when it comes to all of your communication needs.


Converged systems allow administrators to gain tremendously useful user information. So you will have visibility of how long calls take, who is engaged in a call and who isn’t, all while still allowing your staff to have the freedom of controlling their calls. This kind of real-time insight will allow you to see where productivity can be improved, costs can be reduced and time saving measures can be introduced, essential for any time-starved SME owner.

Converged telecoms are truly the way forward for businesses of all sizes across the globe. However, for SMEs that want to achieve more with less time and a smaller budget it’s truly a communications game changer.

If you think that your business could benefit from the proven reliability and quality that unified communications can provide then visit our solutions page to find out more about exactly what we offer. Or if you have any further questions, make sure you get in touch with our team who will be happy to go through your options with you.

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