A glimpse into Lake, what we really do

Here at Lake we can proudly say that after 22 years in the industry, we are completely confident that we can offer you the best telecommunications solution for your business. What we also know is that often that’s not enough. Actions speak louder than words right?

In this blog we want to delve a bit deeper into who we really are as a business, while looking into the reasons we truly believe that your business is our business.

Who we are & what we do?

We are a team of professionally people-focused technicians and consultants who have worked in the industry for 22 years.

We are here to consult and provide a tailored solution, designed to respond specifically to your individual business objectives. We implement the latest technologies, in order to increase your return on investment, and consequently improve your customer service.

We will work closely alongside you to deliver the most cost effective telecoms solution, and will advise you on the best use of this to achieve your commercial goals and objectives.

Ultimately we like to take the time getting to know each and every one of our clients to be able to offer the correct solution especially for you. Our services include broadband, low cost calls, line rental, business telephone systems and mobile and Voice over IP Telephony.

How we do it – Project Roadmap

Having worked with hundreds of clients and installed thousands of systems, we have used this to refine and tailor our approach, so that we can ensure it’s the right one for you. Our consultative process is what we call our Project Roadmap, and in brief it looks a little something like this:

Opportunity Review – A kick off meeting to get to know your broad requirements and understand your commercial objectives, selection criteria and agree on the business outline case.

Requirements Definition & Business Case – A detailed review of your requirements to mutually agree on the understanding of your commercial and technical needs. This includes a business case to support the proposed investment.

Proposed Solution Design – Costs, details and the support schedule of the solution to meet your needs.

Proof of Concept – Materials that offer proof of our ability to deliver. This may be through testimonials, demonstrations, case studies or a visit to our satisfied clients. Whichever suits you best.

Offer Documentation – A completed document containing the complete written summary of our proposition and sales order.

Proposal Acceptance – This is the final stage that requires your final approval to initiate the project.


Why we do it

We’re so confident in our approach because we offer an ongoing training programme to ensure our consultants and technicians are fully equipped and capable of achieving the best solution. That means your business always has access to experts at the cutting edge of telecoms innovation.

We work in a business that is completely customer-centric, we care for our clients, customers and the service we provide, much like you do. We understand what it means to offer the most efficient, cost effective and satisfactory service in order to succeed.

Your business is our business and we truly mean that.

So if you fall into the bracket of an SME and want more information on the specific consultancy services and solutions we offer, then head to our solutions pages now. We would love to hear from you, and answer any questions you may have. So please call us today on 0330 404 3049 to speak to a trusted member of our team. 

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