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On April 19th-20th UC EXPO held their two day event in Olympia London. UC EXPO is the largest unified communications and collaboration event in Europe. What the event does in just two days is investigate the technologies that enable smarter working and help businesses to become more connected.

The day included 100 free to attend seminars that showcase world class communication education. Over 5000 professionals and 100 specialist suppliers attended, enjoying a range of great speakers and exhibitors from organisations including Google, Cisco and Facebook.

In today’s blog we’re going to take a quick look at some of the highlight of UC EXCPO 2016 and what it all means for smarter working, telecommunication innovation and connecting businesses.

Millennials are changing the way we collaborate

Millennials currently make up 25% of the global workforce. By 2020, so in just 4 years, this figure will increase to 70% of the workforce. The biggest difference between millennials and those born and raised in the previous generation is the ease with which they collaborate using technology. It is something ingrained into the way they work.

Telecommunication industries are aware that they must keep up to date with their requirements in order to keep their business alive now and into future. This topic was discussed at length during Vishy Goplakrishnan’s seminar, bringing to everyone’s attention the need for technology to be intuitively usable by the end user.

Therefore, you must consider the impact of this on your company culture. What millennials will expect within the culture of your company is freedom. They may want the opportunity to work away from their traditional desk space, something that new collaborative technology can achieve.

However, the older generations within your company may not feel the same about this kind of collaboration. They will be used to their traditional desk space, and could well resent the idea of not having one.

So what is important here, and what was highlighted in the event, is that collaboration is a must have today. But what is crucial is implementing it in the right way to ensure the right cultural fit for your company.

The age of video conferencing is upon us

One of the main messages UC EXPO conveyed this year is how video conferencing is entering its most exciting time yet.

In a panel of 5 executives from some of the leading players in the video collaboration space, it was highlighted that systems were previously less focused on user experience. They agreed that usability has been a cause of great difficulty in distributing and popularising video collaboration.

What is making the present the age for video conferencing to really take off is the overall adoption of a more ‘humanistic’ approach – putting people and their needs first. What is likely, especially for those who aren’t millennials, is the unusual experience associated with video conferencing.

What we here at Lake suggest to resolve this is the implementation of the right technology for your company, so that before long video conferencing will become second nature within your company.

The largest growing benefit of video conferencing today is its ability to connect remote teams from all over the globe, which helps to develop great relationships. 70% of people would prefer a video conference than having to travel to a meeting.  

A panellist from Blue Jeans revealed how 600 million minutes of video conferencing make up their cloud, which indicates the massive move into mobility that video conferencing is bringing!

Work/life integration not work/life balance.

The last major takeaway from the UC EXPO event was the debate around work/life balance versus work/life integration. What the word balance suggests is two opposing things that are dealt with equally but separately, while the term integration suggests fluidity and cohesion, suggesting that our work and life should be flowing and treated as a whole, rather than two halves.

So what does this mean for telecommunication and innovation?

Discussions centred on technology enabling our work and life. Therefore this must be done with care and consideration. You can reach a place where work and life are integrated through the best and most suited telecommunication system for your individual brand culture.

Here at Lake we can provide a range of different telecommunication systems that are innovated based on your specific company requirements.

Thus our services are designed to enable you to move forward into a video conferencing centric age, while catering for the majority of millennials that will soon make up the majority of the global workforce, while also achieving the best work life integration culture for your specific company needs.

To find out more about what kind of solutions we can provide for telecommunications then please call an expert member of our team on 0330 404 3385 today.

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