Are you doing eveything to enhance your Customer Experience?

First of all, do you fall into the category of an SME that relies heavily on telecommunications as your primary point of contact with your customers?

And secondly, do you have a system that enhances your customer centric service?

Often businesses are unaware of the systems they could have in place, as a way of improving, monitoring and enhancing their customers’ experience. It has been revealed by Cincom that businesses in the UK lose up to £15.3 billion when customers stop purchasing due to poor customer experience.

So are you losing out on customers and revenue due to a poor telecom system? Fear not, here’s our guide of how to regain those lost customers who are experiencing something average and give them an experience that will keep them returning.

Step 1

Consultancy Services allow us to gain an understanding both technically and culturally of our clients’ business, enabling us to offer the best solution based on what we’ve learned and understood.

From this, we are then able to build and develop a formal plan using our unrivalled market knowledge to inform our recommendations. This works to aid you in eventually gaining a higher ROI along with general business improvements.

Step 2

Analytics can be added comprehensively to almost any system which can provide historical and real time reviews. This data can give insight into how your staff are performing and dealing with clients. What’s more is this feature can be added into your existing CRM while tracking your KPIs.

Step 3

Call recording provides you with greater visibility into various scenarios as a way of aiding training and measurement tools. Call recording has become an integral part of almost every SME’s telecom strategy and has seen great use for improving customer experiences. This is thanks to its ability to improve the quality of customer interactions, while also identifying training needs and new business opportunities.

As well as these recording features, call recording also features automated customer surveys which are designed to discover if all of your efforts are contributing to an overall better customer experience.

We understand how important it is to provide the ultimate customer service and experience, so to find out more about how we can expertly tailor a plan to fit your business needs then please call us today on 0330 404 3048

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