Does communication technology affect your customer?

You could specify many touch points from which the customer experience starts for your business. From your website to your advertising, people form opinions about you from any number of sources. However, it’s hard to argue with that fact that your customer service is a huge factor in how you are perceived, especially over the telephone.

It follows, then, that the telecommunication technology that you choose will affect this experience. In a recent survey, Cincom revealed that businesses in the UK lose a total of £15.3 billion when customers stop purchasing due to poor customer experience. So it seems absolutely clear that up to date communication technology is linked with customer service satisfaction. So let’s take a look at the ways customer service and technology combine and how you can use this to take your organisation to the next level.

Find new ways to improve

It seems providing call statistics through methods like call recording can monitor call behaviours to be able to make improvements and changes.  73% of consumers in the UK have ended a relationship with a company due to poor customer service. It is clear then that installing new technology that can monitor performance could help to prevent future customer dissatisfaction and can actually promote more consistent customer service.

Cut out the middle man

39% of UK consumers said it’s critical for companies to provide more ‘intelligent self-service’ so that people don’t get trapped in endless loops before they can speak to someone who can help them.

Call handling can be enhanced by using information such as the geographic origin of a call and the incoming telephone number. This allows you to then direct calls to the correct department more quickly. Area based routing promotes navigation to the correct and appropriate location and simply cuts out the middle man, allowing calls and issues to be dealt with in a lot less time.

Always have an answer

Intelligent call routing technology can also be used as a solution so that, no matter when a call comes through, you can ensure that the call is answered by someone. 50% of new callers admit they would not call back if their call was not answered first time around, as well as 15% of existing customers admitting they would not return if they experienced the same lack of communication.

A hosted telephone system allows you to achieve this and many more features, including remote working, extensive call management features and call recording that allow you as a business to manage your environment while also focusing on improving your customer service and staff productivity.


It seems clear that there is a strong correlation between communication technology and the affect it has on your customer. Here at Lake Technologies  we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the telecommunications industry, and therefore we urge you to improve your customer service with better call management and up to date technologies that will guarantee the securing of your existing customers, while also attracting new ones.

Unproductive, automated systems could lose you your most loyal customers. Instead, give them the best technology to keep them coming back, and provide them with the best customer service you possibly can.

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