How the 5G revolution could transform your business

With 5G set to launch in 2020, many businesses are wondering what this will mean for their industry. What is concrete is this new technology promises faster connectivity rates and speeds than ever before. It’s set to have a radical impact on the way that business mobile telecoms will operate.

The reason for there being a long, anticipated wait for the arrival of this new generation of technology is due to the sheer advancement in its aims. 5G has been claimed to work up to 40 times quicker than 4G. This will completely change the way systems operate globally.

In order to understand the aims and effects of 5G on global industry, we will investigate the three highlighted promises in more detail. That way we can get a better handle on the positives this fascinating new development will bring businesses.

Faster speeds

Whereas 4G transmits 150 megabytes per second, 5G is set to transmit data at 20 gigabytes per second. Consequently this means there will be a much larger area of square kilometres that data can reach. This essentially means that 5G will reduce the space-time dimensions and thus the economy will be subject to radically faster access.

Greater connectivity

The volume of data transmitted via 5G is set to increase 1000 times over current levels. This means that connectivity will improve, including when sending, receiving and connecting with other devices. The fifth generation aims to give 100% coverage in all areas, making it considerably easier to target large groups of customers at once.

Real-time configuration

There has been a promise of a lowered latency by five times, in order to reduce transit time and therefore enabling real-time control. Operation via a fixed mobile infrastructure will provide independence between 5G and business support systems.

Expectations of what 5G can bring from faster speeds, greater connectivity to real-time configuration are undoubtedly appealing and exciting. What’s more is the prospect of a boost in a consumer led economy, resulting in the satisfaction of our customers through a brand new and efficient technology.

What we encourage and advise here at Lake though is to sit tight and not get too worked up with these promises just yet. It’s important that we don’t get carried away with expectations as the technology is proposed to be the most advanced generation of connectivity to date. This suggests that a lot of time, research and development will go into the process.

Although there are still several years to wait in anticipation for its arrival, what can be said is that the rise of 5G will be an extremely important milestone in the telecommunications industry and we look forward to its arrival.

If in the meantime you would like some more information on how this could affect you as a customer , or your telecommunications as a whole then do not hesitate to get in contact with an expert member of our team by calling 0330 404 3036 today.

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