Let analytics and consultancy combine to transform your business telecoms!

If you’re an SME that relies heavily on telecommunications then it’s possible that you’ve become used to the service you’ve been receiving over the years. Sifting through all aspects of your service in order to review its suitability and productivity may not be something you’re too familiar with, or frankly, have the time for.

This is where specific analytics and consultancy services could enable you to monitor, analyse and understand exactly what’s working well and what needs improving in your telecommunications system. From there, you can make valuable additions to and improvements within your business.


The only factor that determines whether or not call analytics would benefit your business is if you use a phone or not. Any business that’s conducted using the telephone is worthy of the insights analytical data can provide.

At Lake Technologies, our telecoms analytics packages will shed light on the crucial information you need to be aware of when it comes to the success of your business. We can look into how business is being dealt with on calls, how staff are performing and highlight key performance indicators. We can even provide insight into telephone call to closed sales ratios.

A recent report into the growing use of data analytics in the telecoms sector explains that the ‘use of data analytics tools is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 28.28% over the next four years’

This very statistic reinforces the promise and value of this particular tool, making it ever more essential in monitoring your business’s productivity and success. Here at Lake Technologies, our analytics packages can easily generate these kinds of in-depth reports as they come with thousands of reporting options built in. Many can seamlessly integrate with your existing Customer Relationship Management systems, making them even more relevant to your overall business reporting.

Consultancy Services

Assuming your existing telecoms system, based on the analytics discovered, isn’t performing in the way you want, this is where consultancy services can advise and inform you where to go beyond this. You can either consult your existing supplier to make some changes or consult a new provider in order to set up new goals that meet your changing requirements.

Here at Lake Technologies our consultancy services are grounded completely in our clients’ specific requirements. This enables us to identify both technical requirements and any culturally specific needs that change from business to business.

This specific information is what allows us to create a bespoke report for individual clients. It is because of this level of understanding and unrivalled market knowledge that we are able to recommend a solution, based around client specific functionality and requests.

Once you’ve considered whether or not your current solution is working for the specific needs of your business, it’s well worth reassessing the service you’re receiving from your provider, based on these two particular areas.

For more information on both analytics, consultancy services or even just generally on a telecommunications solution don’t hesitate to contact Lake Technologies, where one of our expert members of staff can answer any questions you have.

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