Putting the user first for a truly great customer experience

Do you fall into the bracket of an SME that relies heavily on telecommunications as your primary form of service with customers or clients?

There are many ways in which your customer perceives the service you provide. This can have countless repercussions if they’re not particularly positive. What’s to be noted is the fact that customers are much quicker to focus on the negatives than the positives.

In an Executive Summary of the Customer Satisfaction Index from January 2015, it was revealed that satisfaction rates have fallen once again since the last increase in satisfaction from back in 2010. The study reveals,

‘Customers’ expectations have evolved rapidly, leading to an ever-growing desire for convenience, speed and value.’

Do you consider yourself a business that prides itself on providing a service with a high satisfaction rate?  You might be interested in reviewing your efforts, and learning about how you can improve your service. That way you can keep customers 100% happy with effortless customer service and care.

1. Call recording

Call recording is renowned for its ability to protect organisations and employees by settling disputes.  However it has become a valuable asset in training and measurement, as we shift into a customer centric culture.

Additionally the customer satisfaction index results highlighted that many customers now ‘expect the service experience to be more personalised than before’. Call recording can be utilised for quality control by monitoring calls for sales purposes and can also provide live support to staff to ensure an optimum sales experience is being achieved, on that desired personal level.

2. Analytics

In the same way that call recording offers its benefits, analytics can be installed to fit almost any telephone system. It offers business support by analysing the way your communication technology is operating and how staff are engaging with your customers and clients.

An added layer of built in reports can automatically fit in alongside your existing Customer Relationship Management system. This enables you to generate reports on Key Performance Indicators and call to closed sales ratios. Then you’re never too far from achieving that ultimate customer experience.


For a complete telecommunication solution, what we can offer here at LAKE is unrivalled business support for any small medium or large business.

Our consultancy service prioritises discovering your client requirements. This allows us to provide business support for both your technical requirements and culturally specific needs. This guarantees you will receive a bespoke plan designed to aid you in providing a truly great customer experience.

Your desire to transform your customers’ experience is at the core of what we do. That’s why we only offer unique telecom solution designed specifically for your needs.

To find out more about our services and business support give one of our expert members of staff a call on 0330 404 3048. We can talk you through our range of solutions, designed to fit your needs, ensuring you improve your overall customer experience, attracting new customers while also keeping your existing client base satisfied.


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