The 10 Joys of SIP Telephone Lines

Workplaces are constantly changing and developing, and with it workplace communications are developing. Employers are increasingly looking for flexible methods of communication that truly meet the needs of their employees and overall business.

 Here at LAKE we know you can’t afford to miss calls. We realise that most businesses will need the availability to make and receive calls every minute of every day; otherwise it may affect your business and its reputation. This is where SIP Telephone lines deliver key advantages.

 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make and receive calls over an IP connection, rather than a traditional phone network. This reduces costs and helps businesses maximise their network investment.

 So why would you want to make the switch to SIP Telephone lines in your business? Here at LAKE we have compiled a list of business benefits for using SIP Telephone lines within your company:


 The 10 joys of SIP Telephone lines:                                                     SIP Trunks


1. Reduced call costs – Free on-net Calls.

2. Making the most of your existing network investment – Using a data network for all your calls saves on the rental costs of running a separate traditional voice network. One network makes it a lot simpler for your IT Team to manage.

3. Reassurance that calls won’t be missed – The quality of service ensures your calls are given priority over other data. Even if the rest of your bandwidth is being used, your voice calls will always be prioritised.

4. Keeps people connected throughout your business - Easily transfer calls and redirect individual extension numbers to other numbers of your choice.

5. Greater flexibility – More businesses are now turning to hot-desking and flexible working areas to encourage productivity; SIP Telephone lines allows for these changing work environments.

6. You can take your number with you if you move – Moving premises will not be an issue as you can keep the same business number. This helps you to continue to operate effectively and you won’t have the hassle of updating all your contacts with a new number.

7. Enablers of unified communications – Take communications beyond voice and enjoy video, instant messaging and much more.

8. Easy to move or divert fixed lines anywhere you want them to go – By deploying multiple SIP Telephone lines it’s also possible to plan effectively for emergencies, minimising downtime by switching the communication system to another location.

9. Scalability – SIP is sold by the single channel, rather than in blocks of lines like traditional phone systems. You can therefore get, and pay for, only the number of channels you need.

10. Toll Fraud Protection – Toll Fraud is a serious problem for businesses. The best SIP solutions include built-in toll fraud protection to identify and stop any suspicious activity.


If you’d like more information on SIP Telephone lines and how they can help your business, please contact us via our website /contact or call us on 0330 404 3054. A member of a friendly, professional team will be happy to assist and advise you.


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