The launch of new EU-US Privacy Shield

The European Commission have launched the new EU-US Privacy Shield that is replacing the previous Safe Harbour agreement. The framework will essentially protect the rights and data of anyone in the EU transferring data to the US.

Stronger protection will be guaranteed through better enforced standards, and will keep consumers trust in-tact when transferring data across the Atlantic.

The new framework has been worked on to support society and the economy for those who work together across the EU & US. The US Department of Commerce have projected their intentions to regulate the conduct and ensure the new Privacy Shield is working correctly and adequately.  

The Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip says “We have approved the new EU-US Privacy Shield today. It will protect the personal data of Europeans and ensure legal certainty for businesses.”

The new Privacy Shield also offers protection for any citizen who feels their data has been misused. The issue will initially and hopefully be resolved by the company, but then further action can be taken free of charge by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), where solutions will be offered.

What does this mean for UK citizens?

As stated, this new privacy framework has been designed for EU and US citizens. Having recently voted leave at Brexit, the UK will therefore not be included within this policy or Privacy Shield.

Our recent blog concerning Brexit looks at what outcomes could be possible due to having left the EU. It appears within the telecommunications world, this is the first visible news that notably demonstrates some of the differences we will now face, as Britain alone.

What we do suggest though is that if you rely heavily on telecoms as your primary form of communicating if you’re an SME, selecting the right solution can also guarantee you as a British citizen the right protection.

Data connectivity at Lake Technologies

Here at Lake we recognise that modern telephony is constantly evolving, and new ways of communicating are coming to the surface all the while. Take The Cloud, Voice-Over-IP Telephony and off-site back-ups, as just three modern examples of the way we communicate and share data with other SMEs.

We recognize that it is our responsibility at Lake to offer connectivity to the outside world and other businesses in the most robust and secure way. Thus we ensure that our telecoms solutions offer a stronger connectivity and protection than ever before.

So with that said, although as mentioned in our other blog that focuses on Brexit, the telecoms community will be likely to experience some changes, whether that with data, roaming charges or new legislations.

What we can offer though is the security to all of our customers who deal with SMEs who need a communication solution. Our services ensure up to date technology that can cater for your individual business needs.

For more information on how Lake Technologies can aid you in keeping your communications system and data safe then visit our website, or call a member of our team on 0330 404 1724  today.


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