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You may be unaware that a key element of the work attributed to the world’s most famous computer hacker, Kevin Mitnick, was an activity known as toll fraud, where he successfully accessed the systems of Pacific Bell (now AT&T) to make “free calls”.

Now Kevin was arrested by the FBI almost 20 years ago and is now operating as a legitimate Security Consultant, but unfortunately his legacy of hacking lives on to this day, and we at Lake Technologies want to ensure that your business is as protected as it can possibly be against the new breed of hackers.

There has been a recent rise in toll fraud cases both across the UK and globally, where telephone systems are hacked so that a criminal party can make calls on your telephone lines, often to expensive premium-rate numbers, and estimates put the UK Toll Fraud losses to business at circa £1.2 Billion each year.

If you are a client with a Lake-supported telephony platform then it will often be a good idea to block premium rate numbers on your system, which you will be pleased to hear can be done remotely (and therefore without any charge) in the vast majority of cases.

If you are also using Lake for your telephone calls and lines, then as well as market leading rates, you are already likely to have our Toll Fraud Insurance (IDA Barring), which limits your exposure to a maximum of £500 in the event of toll fraud, and we can further bolster this security by blocking premium numbers at a network level too, which is also free of any charge to you.

In fact the only time that you would receive any additional charges from Lake for this additional protection is in the instance where your telephony system is out of date to the point where we cannot connect remotely and need to send an Engineer to site to make physical changes for your security.

Of course, in some businesses there is a requirement to call premium-rate numbers, but in most cases we are able to re-program your telephone system to allow ONLY the premium-rate numbers you require. There are many aspects to protecting your system from attacks, and we would like to help you be as secure as you can be.

If you would like our support in protecting your business against toll fraud, or of course if we can assist you with anything else, then please contact us on 0151 432 5600, or alternatively drop an email to

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