Building Move

Musbury Fabrics

Musbury Fabrics had been trading from their previous premises for over 12 years and had outgrown parts of the building. They had found a new site 3 miles away, although the retail parts of their business premises would stay at the old site. Musbury Fabrics had a Samsung telephone system in place which had served them well for the past 12 years but had limited functionality to operate across multiple sites and could not support Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) that would be needed to allow them to develop their business.

Together with Kathryn Carr, a director of Musbury Fabrics, Lake Technologies put together a relocation plan that would allow for the business to move premises with the minimum interruption, down-time and inconvenience, whilst maintaining their main telephone number and Direct Dial numbers. Their telephone system was replaced with a new Samsung OfficeServ 7200. The old Samsung Compact 2 system would remain in place at the old site whilst the Samsung OfficeServ 7200 would be installed at the new premises 2 weeks prior to the move. The Samsung 7200 would allow Voice-over-Internet Protocol (V0IP) to be used at the two retail premises while allowing short extension dialing and free calls between sites. The Samsung OfficeServ 7200 was also equipped with IP telephone lines to provide the number-portability they required. By providing a blend of both IP telephone lines and ISDN lines Musbury were able to retain all of their telephone numbers, reduce their ongoing telephone bills, and build in a level of disaster-recovery.

After agreeing a detailed plan with the Lake Account Manager the project was allocated to an technician to technically approve the proposed solution and then to manage the project. All the existing telephone services were transferred to Lakes network services billing platform prior to the move so that we were able to manage the timing of the installation of all the new services to coincide with the moving date.

The Lake Technologies technician arranged for the IP telephone lines to be activated and tested one week prior to the move so that the two retail premises were switched over to the new platform and began to use the new OfficeServ system ahead of the move. On the day of the move, the final transfer was scheduled to take place on a Friday afternoon as this was the least disruptive time for Musbury Fabrics. A divert was placed on the old Samsung telephone system, which forwarded all calls to the new site. The final work was completed at the local telephone exchange with no more than 15 minutes of downtime for the business!

As Musbury Fabrics had upgraded within the Samsung range, they were able to re-use some of their existing handsets. After reducing costs on their calls and line charges, and with the monthly cost of their ongoing service contract reducing due to the switch to new equipment, the overall impact of the telecommunications upgrade was cost-neutral, but gave Musbury far greater functionality for their business. Lake Technologies was able to support Kathryn and the team through every step of the moving process to make sure that the business was able to deliver improved service to its customers and reduce the inconvenience and costs of the relocation process.