Lake lines and calls

Is your telephony in a mess? Lot’s of our customers tell us they;

  • Have too many lines
  • Not enough lines
  • Paying too much for calls
  • Haven’t got enough numbers
  • Suffer from poor marketing tools for promotion of different areas within the business
  • Don’t know who to call when things go wrong
  • Worry about surviving a failure of service
  • Concerned about how many calls they are missing Missing sales opportunities

All of Your Connections Under One Roof

Telephone Lines

  • Analogue line rental from £11.00 per month
  • ISDN2 line rental from £12 per month
  • ISDN30 line rental from £13 per month
  • IP line rental from £6.00 per month

Calling Tarifs

  • Calls to local & national from 1p per minute
  • International from 2p per minute
  • Mobiles from 9p per minute
  • Per second billing
  • NO minimum call charges

Mobile Phone Packages


Magic Number Services

Free services to all of our connections customers

  • Free Marketing Numbers with advanced calling services
  • Free of charge Fax to email service for all of our customers

Complete structured cabling systems

  • Cat5e
  • Cat6e
  • Fibre Optic