Lake Technologies are able to provide comprehensive analytics packages on most types of telephone system, including Avaya, NEC, Samsung, Cisco, Mitel, Siemens, LG, Panasonic, Nortel, BT Versatility and many more.

Call analytics are important for any organisation, small or large, that conducts business using the telephone. Without their use it would be similar to driving a car without a dashboard! You know that you’re driving, but you have no accurate idea as to how fast you’re going or if you’re about to run out of fuel.

Our analytics applications will give priceless information, both in real time and historical views, around how your business is dealing with your clients and how your staff are performing. Many of our options come with thousands of reports built in and some have the ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing Customer Relationship Management or database systems in order to automatically generate reports pertinent to your business such as Key Performance Indicators or telephone call to closed sale ratio’s.

These same packages can often be used to provide wallboards throughout the office(s) as well as an alarm feature which can email or SMS the management team based on pre-set parameters, such as missed inbound sales calls or a member of staff dialing a premium-rate telephone number, which of course, you should know about long before your monthly telephone bill comes in!

For more information on our analytics solutions please call Lake Technologies on 0333 200 4031, where a member of our consultancy team will be happy to help.