Telephone Call Recording


Call recording is rapidly becoming a standard business application throughout the UK.

Call recording not only providing protection and contractual verification for organisations and their employees but much more frequently the benefits of a quality training and measurement tool.

The age when call recording was used just by the emergency services, legal houses and financial institutions is a distant memory with many organisations just like yours taking advantage of low cost investment delivering high value returns.

The advent of digital recording and retrieval software is now becoming an integral part of an organisations customer relationship strategies, call us today and ask how LAKE recording services can fit in with yours.

Here are a few examples of call recording at work

For improving the quality of customer interactions, identifying training needs and new business opportunities.

For providing live assistance to agents whilst they are interacting with the customer to ensure the optimum caller experience and accelerate agent training. 

For capturing the customers' candid opinions whilst the perception of the quality of service received is still fresh in their mind.