At Lake Technologies we understand that it is vitally important for businesses to offer all of their customers a seamlessly great service, regardless of whether they are contacted by telephone, live-chat, email, SMS, or social media.

Now many businesses will accept all of these forms of communication, but the more strings you add to your bow, then the more difficult it becomes to manage the service levels of the different forms of communication.

You will hopefully already receive detailed reporting on your telephony system, with skills-based routing ensuring the delivery of the call to the person best placed to deal with it at that time, but what if they’re already dealing with another form of communication such as a web-chat? Unfortunately this often tends to result in a lack of focus on either communication, meaning less satisfied customers.

Lake Technologies offer an excellent range of multimedia contact centres, which will integrate all media types through a single engine to ensure that the correct media ends up with the correct member of staff at the correct time. Without this type of platform then it is extremely difficult to properly manage service levels across your business, as you simply cannot understand what media types your staff have been dealing with.

It may be that, for certain members of staff, you see gaps in the reports, and you can’t understand why. With these multi-media solutions you could see that that during this “down-time” your staff member actually dealt with 4 customer emails, 2 web-chats and answered 5 queries on your business twitter feed.

In this day and age its increasingly important to adopt more methods of communication with your client base, and of course, to be able to report on and manage this... If you would like to find out more then please contact us on 0333 200 4031.

You wouldn’t drive your car without the dashboard, so why do it with your business?