Telephone Systems


Please ask yourself - Do you want a business telephone system, or are you looking to improve your communications?

What’s the difference? 

Well, if all you want is a new phone system, then just a phone system is all you are likely to end up with! 

So what’s wrong with that? 

Well that’s usually were problems begin. There are too many ‘box shifting’ telecoms suppliers’ intent on simply selling a phone system based on features and costs, instead of commercial benefits and lifetime value. This means that you are at HIGH RISK of buying something that just isn’t suitable for and you could spend many years paying the price.

How to buy a phone system without RISK

In our experience most businesses and organisations like yours are actually looking for one or more of the following:

  • To fix a specific problem
  • To improve organisational performance and productivity
  • To enhance consumer perception of the organisation
  • To reduce operating costs
  • To Increase sales

See our range of telephone systems below

Choosing a Business Telephone System

Avaya is a global leading manufacturer of world class communication systems, applications and services designed with YOUR business in mind.

As a SILVER business partner LAKE has worked closely with AVAYA and the back catalogue for over 15 years to deliver exceptional communication tools to organisations of all types, size and location.

Current Range of Avaya IP Office DS Systems

  • Avaya IP Office 500 – The latest development of the award winning IP Office range.
  • Avaya IP Office 406 V2
  • Avaya IP Office 412
  • Avaya IP Office Small Office

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is an intelligent communications solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small businesses. Intelligent Communications for small businesses addresses basic telephony needs, leverages built-in convergence capabilities, and capitalizes on the robust unified applications to deliver intelligence to users and customers. IP Office provides solutions that simplify processes, streamline information exchange within systems to create simple and prosperous experiences for all.

The Avaya IP Office is a highly modular system designed to specifically meet the needs of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and midsize businesses. Built on Avaya latest advancements in converged voice and data technology, small to midsized businesses can benefit from many of the advantages sophisticated communications deliver to their operations. IP Office supports a wide range of telephones but the 5400 series Digital phones and the 5600 series IP phones have been specifically designed to work with IP Office and provide small and midsized businesses with a choice of solutions to meet business efficiency and customer service requirements. 


What's New With This Release

IP Office Release 4.1 software makes it easy for small and midsize businesses to improve communications and operations with new mobility offerings – expanded IP Wireless offerings with the 3641 and 3645 telephones; VPN Phone for remote workers; and Telecommuter capabilities, ideal for those who find themselves traveling, who want the same robust capabilities as when they are in the office, and expect toll quality or mobile phone quality voice service. System administrators can minimize disruption to group work areas by disabling speaker on many digital and IP series telephones. IP Office 500 has been expanded to support 8 T1/E1 digital trunks (192 T1/PRI or 240 E1).

Business Benefits

  • Total voice and data communication solution for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Functions as a traditional phone system or an IP Telephony Server.
  • Supports both single locations and multi-site networks.
  • Basic call center and voice messaging capabilities are built-in.
  • Scalable as business needs grow.

Samsung is the world’s fastest growing brand in consumer and business electronics and communications. Samsung manufacture some of the most intuitive and easy to use business telephone systems and applications in the market. Samsung pride themselves are designing technology that is sophisticated, yet simple, comprehensive, yet flexible, but most of all exceptional quality and value for money.


Current Range OFFICESERV 7000

Samsung’s award wining OFFICESERV 7000 range of systems and applications are designed to serve the needs of business and organisations from between TWO and TWENTY THOUSAND people.


LAKE has the highest level of partner accreditation status as a Samsung platinum partner, which means that you can rest assured that the advise and support of LAKE technicians and consultants is literally 2nd to none.


Current Range of Samsung OfficeServ Systems include

  • Samsung OfficeServ 7400
  • Samsung OfficeServ 7200
  • Samsung OfficeServ 7100
  • Samsung OfficeServ 12

Back catalogue of LAKE supported Samsung Systems include;


  • Samsung OfficeServ 500
  • Samsung OfficeServ 100
  • Samsung iDCS500
  • Samsung iDCS100
  • Samsung DCS
  • Samsung Compact 2
  • Samsung DCS816
  • Samsung DCS408

As one of the world’s greatest telecommunication companies, NEC’s portfolio of telecoms systems delivers the best technology can offer.

With NEC Telephone Systems available to support from 2 to 500 users, your businesses can transform its communications and work more productively and effectively.

10 Reasons why you need to upgrade your System to an SV9100

NEC page

1. No further developments
> Your system may be approaching end of life with technical support
becoming increasingly limited
> The cost of business downtime could potentially cost you more
than a new system!
> Increasing Total Cost of Ownership with new IT demands
on your old system


2. Future-proof your business
> Cost effective solution from 10 to 900+ users – plenty of capacity for
an expanding business
> Latest upgradeable communication technology – protect your investment
> Netlink: Add remote sites and new branches without the need or cost for
an extra system


3. Brand new business boosting applications
> Expanded MyCalls portfolio including Operator Console
> New features include Presence & Instant Messaging
> Advanced contact centre applications including unified communications


4. Get free applications!
> Free MyCalls Basic call management app: Includes real-time
call activity display, call logging and reports
> Free MyCalls Desktop productivity app: Includes Instant Messaging,
Screen-Pops and Speed Dials
> Free Mobile Extensions – Provides your mobile phone with business
system functionality



5. Defend yourself against Toll Fraud
> Cost of Toll Fraud to Global businesses - over £25bn per year
> Built-in application – just £99!
> Help prevent potentially thousands of pounds lost to fraudsters


6. Cut your costs
> Audio & video conferencing: Save on travel and accommodation costs
> Answer more incoming enquiry calls first time, saving on call backs
> Multiple Carrier options: Automatically Selects the cheapest call rates for
your business


7. Start using truly innovative handsets 
> UT880 – the deskphone re-invented with 7 inch colour multi-touch display
> M155 Messenger – Wearable wristwatch DECT, messaging and alert
device: The ultimate solution for healthcare and hospitality environments
> G966 – the SmartDECT! A combination of DECT, WiFi and Android
application support in one handset


8. Get a smarter workforce
> Link up your office teams, homeworkers, warehouse and field-based sales
team together for more a productive, reachable workforce
> Better communications mean better informed business decisions - don’t
wait for that weekly meeting!
> Presence: Get a ‘bird’s eye’ view of your entire team’s activity in real-time


9. Treat your customers like royalty
> Caller ID: Greet your regular callers by name
> VIP priority: Caller Queue drag & drop to ensure your most important
callers get the attention they deserve
> CallBack: Offer your callers a return call to reduce their holding time
(and frustration!)



10. Manage your team’s activities
> Presence: Real-time ‘bird’s eye view’ of all your teams communications & meeting
status, even remotely
> MyCalls wallboard: Display live stats of your call centre’s results
> Reporting: Automated reports on call activity, abandoned
call rates and call history delivered to any device