Unified Communications


Unified Communications involves the breaking down of historical barriers to enable the communication of many different types of device, such as telephones, mobiles & PC’s.

Why try calling someone in a different department if they’re on the phone already, or not even at their desk? A Unified Communications solution will deliver more information to all of your team through desktop applications which can tell, not just the simple things like whether someone in a different department or office is on the phone, but will also react to a number of pre-programmed rules. For instance we may decide that if someone hasn’t touched their keyboard, mouse or telephone handset in the past 10 minutes, then they are probably not at their desk, or we may decide that if I place a meeting in my Outlook calendar, then my voicemail system should change my greeting automatically to advise that I’m in a meeting and offer my expected time of return.

These solutions can save valuable time and greatly improve service levels within an organization, small or large. They are often less expensive and less complex to engage with as you might think!

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